PointsBet Spread Betting

15 May 2022

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pointsbet spread betting

What is spread betting?

To understand exactly what is spread betting and what it entails, it’s best to look at its name. The word ‘spread’ shows us that there are always two prices given for a market prices. You can also see that the costs of the trades are embedded into these prices (offer and bid). It’s all about variables.

With spread betting, the outcome of a game isn’t sure until the end of it. To put it simply, the more you’re right, the more you win. The opposite applies for losing bets.

Spread betting is a fairly new and unconventional way of betting that hasn’t been yet adopted by many operators around the world. In Australia, for example, PointsBet is among the few that help players back their predictions. The bookmaker offers 24 sports to wager on.

How does it work exactly?

pointsbet spread betting

In a nutshell, it sounds pretty straightforward. If your bet wins by one point, you get 1x your bet amount; if your bet loses by 1 unit, you lose 1x of your stake. This type of betting allows players the opportunity to speculate on the movements and outcomes of particular events.

On the other side, fixed-odds betting is all about having your profit/loss depending on how flexible that market is. With fixed-odds, everything is much more ‘predictable’. With spread betting on the other hand, it’s not that clear.

Here, you aren’t required to decide who wins a game or which player will score the first goal. With spread betting, the list of options is limitless. You have to get a prediction for the selected market and it’s up to you to foresee the final outcome. The trick is to be right. That’s what brings you the winnings, all the time.

Spread Betting at PointsBet

PointsBet is among the very few operators that have brought spread betting to the table. They, of course, they didn’t come empty-handed. PointsBet offers a unique package of markets that aren’t yet available with other bookmakers.

Here we mention:

  • Player Shooting Percentages,
  • Time of first basket by player,
  • Player points multiples (e.g Q1 pts multiplied by Q2 points),
  • Time in minutes played for players to pass 5pts/10pts/15pts etc,
  • Longest made FG distance in feet,
  • Innovative markets for American sports.

Available Markets

PointsBet specialises in NBA betting, having over 300 markets per game that include 100+ markets offered solely at PointsBet.

These markets are based around time such as minutes and seconds for specific events. They also use seconds and minutes as units for multipliers.

On the PointsBet website, players can get a more in-depth look on what this entails.

For NBA markets:

  • Time of first free throws to be made by players and teams,
  • Time of first 3PT FG by teams and players,
  • Time of first 2PT FG for teams and players,
  • Time for players to pass 3pts, 5pts, 10pts, 15pts,
  • Time of first fouls committed.

For AFL:

  • Time of first goal,
  • Time of first behind,
  • Time of team passing 10pts, 20pts.

For league/union:

  • Time of first try,
  • Time of team first try’s.

For ice hockey:

  • Time of first goal,
  • Time of team goals,
  • Time of first penalty,
  • Time of first shot.

For soccer:

  • Time of team and match first goal,
  • Time of second goal,
  • Time of third goal.

It goes without saying that every market has a max. win and max. loss level that’s shown on the bet slip. This way, you’ll know how much you can win or, sometimes lose, if it comes to it.

Why PointsBet?

Once you grasped what spread betting is, to start betting is child’s play.

It’s fairly easy to understand especially if you are familiar with what the operator has in store:

  • betting markets with informational boxes for players to understand how they work,
  • examples and relevant details for particular bets,
  • numerous account types available.

Among the major sports to bet on, we mention:

  • football, cricket, racing, ice hockey, golf, darts, basketball,
  • baseball, motor sports, snooker, tennis, cycling, boxing,
  • MMA, American football and more.

pointsbet football

PointsBet Account Types

Customers who register with PointsBet will find that the way the operator works is that they withhold a certain amount of time of a bet placement.

This happens in order to make up for a significant percentage of the risk from the bet you placed. That withheld amount will be shown on your bet slip.

There are different types of accounts and this withheld amount depends on the type of account you currently have.

The delayed settlement (DSF)

  • less withheld money upfront,
  • the most popular one among members,
  • the majority of customers prefer a small DSF.

DSF is also known as deferred settlement facility. With this one, they don’t need to deposit as much money. Pus, they can have more bets with the available balance.

Cash accounts

With this, you need a larger withheld amount when you place a bet. Only with specific markets, PointsBet give customers the chance to reduce their losses from a bet. Note that this option will also reduce any probable winnings.


The main difference between PointsBet and other traditional bookies is that nothing is based on odds. The operator gets its money by giving you different totals on each market option. For all AFL lines, the spread is of 3 points. The potential low scoring for the English Premier League can go to 0.2 goals.

What Australian bettors need to know is that when they increase their maximum loss level, they increase their maximum win level as well.

In the end, this means that they’ll have a greater max pay-out to compensate for bigger loses. When higher stakes are in question, players win more money if that bet will cover the line by a small amount.

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